Installation & Replacement

We know better than most that there are a number of reasons for needing, or wanting, a new garage door. Whatever the reason, it’s our promise to provide a seamless experience, wide variety of options, and the highest quality product. At Overhead Door of Fargo, our garage door installation service will have you fitted with the garage door system that fits your unique needs and budget.

Full garage door installation & replacement

Whether you are fitting your new home with a custom garage door or replacing your warehouse door systems, finding the perfect door, and opener system, can be difficult and stressful. Through a collaboration of your needs and our expertise, the perfect solution is born.

A proper functioning garage door system is essential to conducting daily activities, both personally and professionally, and protecting your assets from theft and weather conditions. Combine this with the look you desire most and your garage door serves a purpose far beyond simply opening and closing.

If you haven’t already, explore our wide selection of residential garage doors, commercial doors, and opener systems. Interested in seeing what a garage door from Overhead Door will look like on your home? Our DoorView interactive software allows you to do just that.

Section Replacement

Accidents, storms, and other unforeseen events are bound to happen. When the unexpected does happen, it is likely that you won’t need your entire garage door repaired or replaced. With section replacement, return your garage door to its original condition without spending money on an entire replacement. Depending on your door type and age, our technicians will implement a new section(s) that blends seamlessly with all other sections.


It doesn’t matter what type of garage door you have – if your garage door system is broken or unreliable, you are vulnerable to safety issues and extreme inconvenience. Overhead Door offers a range of residential garage door openers, opener accessories, commercial operators, and commercial operator accessories to equip your home or business with an integrated door system that handles multiple garage door weights and sizes. As your garage door’s engine, we install the opener system that best meets your garage door needs.

As the most common, and dangerous, issues with garage doors, broken springs and cables need to be replaced immediately. Luckily, these issues rarely mean a complete opener replacement. With severe injury and further damage as serious threats, it is essential to have one of our professional garage door installation technicians conduct the repair or replacement.

We know each individual or business possesses unique needs when it comes to their garage door system. At Overhead Door of Fargo, we possess the knowledge, resources, and service to find a unique solution to your unique need. Contact our team today to discuss your garage door installation or replacement needs.